How To Start A Wine Collection

If you are contemplating starting a wine collection but are not sure where to begin, continue reading. Wine collecting is not as simple as collecting stamps, stones, shoes, or bags. It is more like passion and love for wine. You have to be very keen and meticulous about all the details of the wines you are going to collect; otherwise, it would just be a waste of money, time, and effort. Continue reading “How To Start A Wine Collection”

All About Your Wine


Have you thought of knowing a lot about wine? That is mainly in allowing the wine to breathe, how it should get stored, or how to drink it properly? And because you know nothing that goes along with proper wine handling, you try and experiment stuff. Now is your chance to stop doing things that you are not sure because I’m giving you helpful information about things you should do with your wine.

Let Your Wine Breathe

Perhaps you also believe that once you opened your wine bottle, the first thing you should do is allow it to rest. Honestly, it depends. Decanting is essential in releasing the wine’s excess sulfur dioxide. It is a vital practice that comes down for more than a couple of decades. The reason for this process is to kill bacteria using a sulfite. But that is not the only reason you have to do it. Sediments are visible in maybe five to ten year older stored wines. Tannins and compounds are falling off from the liquid. These are the biological molecules from the grapes, such as its pigments, sugars, and proteins. So if you do not remove them from the bottle, those particles impact bitter flavor. From there, you will experience the grainy or sandy texture when you drink your wine.


Pair Your Wine With The Right Food

People believe that some food does not go along together. A lot agree that it goes to the selection of wine-food pairing as well. But the truth is, it all depends on the person. Some instances that there is a huge taste difference when comparing wine to some acidic food. Let’s say, for example, cheese. Since wine has quite a bit of alcohol and tannin, the taste of it along with the cheese will clash. Then there’s the drying taste on both the drink and the food. However, it is not always like that. There are some instances that other people’s taste buds will receive no impact at all. Meaning, whatever the food is on the table, it will not affect the taste of the wine as it will still suit his drinking preference.


Serve At The Right Temperature

Have you ever wondered why sometimes white and red wines appear served in different temperatures? That is because the temperature impacts the wines’ flavors. When a wine is too cold, it somehow locks the aroma and its full amount of flavor compounds. When it is warm, it often leaves grainy dust particles. But that is not always the case. Some fruity and aromatic wines are okay with cold and warm temperature. However, you should consider letting it open and rest a bit for about five minutes to improve the wine’s flavorful taste. Doing this with your wine, you will experience a more intense aroma. It will become fresher and fruitier as well.

Perhaps you know that drinking your wine is not the same as drinking any other alcoholic drink. But depending on your preference, you can still have it whenever or whatever you like it.

Mental Health Discussion: The Unstoppable Era Of Wine Drinking


Drinking wine has always been a part of American culture. However, there is an increasing demand for awareness since too much wine drinking becomes relatable to mental health issues. If we try to notice, the ways that people are drinking and some of the demographics around who are drinking are starting to shift. That’s because in today’s generation, millennials (mostly women) are increasingly drinking more than usual. And compared to any other generation or decade, the current era is the peak of the drinking culture. People often choose it over getting online counseling (even if it’s through BetterHelp) because it doesn’t require them to talk at all. But let’s learn how the practice impacts us and how the marketing and societal standpoint becomes essential to our mental health.

Wine culture is increasing because most companies already learn the proper way of marketing their products to a specific age group. From the type of packaging needed and to the color that the product needs to look like, it seems pretty well organized. If we try to look at it differently, we will realize that it creates a significant change in how people accept, tolerate, and consume it. Therefore, it is vital that consumers like us should become aware of what type of marketing is damaging at some point. We have to understand how both advertising and wine drinking becomes essential for long-term detriment.


The Statistics

There are research and study that find alcohol disorders increased in millennials by nearly 80% percent from 2002 to 2013. It is only a 10-year period where statistics see a very high increase in drinking alcohol due to mental health issues. Over half of the produced wine in the world is consumed by those individuals who find it hard juggling their daily task, family, career, and self needs. And from that same group, also half of them drinking are entirely women. That’s one of the suitable explanations why most of the ads and commercials for wine get represented by women who are stressed, exhausted, and pressured.

Wine And Mental Health

As you think about it more, there has been a correlation of wine drinking to an individual’s mental health issue, particularly stress. We know that the mental condition is self-destructive. Perhaps that is the reason why we often rely on things that we assume is beneficial to our overall wellness. Most people think that drinking is something they should earn after long hours of exhaustion. But, is it? Karin Draper, LMFT once said, “Anxiety can often lead to substance abuse as a means to cope, particularly for those experience social anxiety or those who experience a high level of stress and struggle to find other means of relaxation.”

There are very subtle and different levels of stress that we often face every day. “Stress can seem omnipresent. Between working, socializing and taking care of the home, it sometimes seems we don’t have a minute to ourselves, let alone enough time to really take care of our bodies and minds.” Sonja Seglin, LCPC said. But it is probably not a suitable situation to assume that drinking is the best way to cope with whatever emotional and mental issues we are going through. What tends to be our problem is the process of how we filter in distraction to be able not to feel pressured and stressed out. Though perhaps some of us see wine drinking as a fun and enjoyable thing to do, the habit is probably okay at some point that it doesn’t affect our daily lives. However, if we aim to use it as a coping mechanism, it will surely create something even more damaging to our overall health.


“The science is ever more clearly demonstrating that alcohol is extremely dangerous for women’s health.” Sara Nash, PhD, LMHC explains. So the total rapid increase of women drinking wine deals with their emotional eating, stress, anxiety, and even depression. It is all about the stress factor that affects their way of thinking and feeling. Therefore, some instances of getting hooked with drinking wine are not always because someone loves it and or is used to it. It’s more than just enjoying the drink after a long break of exhaustion from school, work, or any other pressure. It is merely a representation of the things we think and feel is becoming a burden in our life. We use drinking an excuse to create a diversion where we show ourselves and other people that we are emotionally and mentally okay even though we are not.

Wine drinking culture will continue to grow, and there is nothing we can do about it. However, we should raise awareness that this practice is not something we should tolerate and allow to stick as part of our routine. Yes, no one has the right to tell us why we should and shouldn’t drink. Also, no one is capable of telling us when we should continue or stop drinking.

How To Improve Taste Through Wine Aging


Great wines are some of life’s pleasures. Enjoying wine with family and friends while celebrating good moments together is undoubtedly a great experience. However, getting the best wines is more than just buying the most expensive labels you can afford. For many wines, letting them age can be a straightforward way to improve their appearance and taste. At the same time, not every wine would benefit from wine aging, so identifying wines that can be aged is an essential skill for anyone interested in wines.

This article will discuss what aging does to wines as well as how wine characteristics change with age. There are also some guidelines and tips here on how to select wines that can be aged and how to properly age wines. 

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Dos and Dont’s To Making Wine Last Longer

You don’t need to be a wine collector to know the do’s and don’ts of storing wine properly.  It may just be a bottle or a bunch of bottles you own, but how much you value each one is all that matters.  And what better way to add value to your wine than to be able to store them for a longer time.  Just have a sip every now and then, or enjoy them on special occasions with special people.


Listed down are some of the do’s and don’ts according to Wine Cooler Direct.   Read on to know how to let your stash preserve its taste until that time when you’re ready to enjoy its company.


The Dos

Keep Your Bottle Chilled

Heat can turn your bottle of good wine taste like vinegar or pure alcohol.  This could happen if you accidentally leave it in your car during the summer.  Room temperature will not allow your wine to give its finest taste than when it is chilled fully.

Store Wine In A Much Convenient Place

Wine brings my friends and me together.  It is a must that wine is served in every family gathering.

Wine attracts the attention of visitors in the house and serves as a good conversation starter.  So keeping it somewhere accessible and convenient makes it easy to grab, open, and serve to your guests.

Position Your Wine On Its Side


 Storing the bottle on its side keeps the wine in constant contact with the cork, which is essential for cork moisture.  The moistened cork stays expanded, allowing the bottle to maintain an airtight seal and protect the wine from oxygen.

Keeping A Constant Temperature

A variation in temperature can affect the aging negatively and alter chemical changes going on with the wine.  With the rise in temperature, wine ages faster, but does not age along the same course.  The result when you speed up aging is not the same quality.  Plus the fact that temp variation is critical for older wines, especially when the seal of the cork is not any tighter.  The cork tends to become less tight with age.

Place Your Wine Collection Where Visible And Choosing A Bottle Would Be Easy

Keep your wine where viewing and finding them would be easy.  Some make a list of their collection, but finding what you want conveniently is easier when your bottles are displayed in a clear view.


The Don’ts

Don’t Keep Your Wine In The Kitchen Fridge For Long

Some people think that the solution to the problem with temperature is to keep their wine refrigerated.  Doing such can harm your wine, not unless what you’re using is a wine refrigerator.  The regular fridge in your kitchen is too cold and could dry up your wine’s cork.  Your kitchen fridge can take out moisture as it cools.  It is essential to keep corks well moist to serve its purpose.

Don’t Place Your Wine On Top Of The Refrigerator

It may seem convenient to choose the top of your fridge to display your bottles of wine.  But with all the vibration the fridge gives off, it can disrupt the processing that’s going on with your wine.  It can have an effect on the taste and the aging process.

The top of your fridge is often near the light, and that would not be good for your wines because of the heat that light bulbs produce.

Don’t Let Your Wine Stand Upright Long Term


Storing your wine upright means your cork is not moistened.  If left for a long time, will cause the cork to dry out which will leave you with a musty and malodorous wine.  This is one reason why most wine racks and stands are designed upside down.

Don’t Keep Your Wine In An Ambient Temperature For a Long Time

As mentioned above, the temperature that is too warm to serve wine is not good.  It will result in a wine that tastes dull and flat, or worse, vinegar or alcohol tasting.

Don’t Keep Wines In A Place With Harsh Lighting Or Under Direct Sunlight

Lighting is crucial when it comes to storing wine. Light bulbs in your house give off heat that is not good for your wine.  Be sure to keep the wine away from windows to avoid direct sunlight or natural light.  LED is best to be used in a place where you will store your wine.  LED light bulbs use less energy, thus, produce very little heat.



5 Tips On Bringing The Perfect Bottle Of Wine To A Party


There are reasons to celebrate each year like birthdays, weddings, engagements, promotions, graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving, prom, victory celebrations, and so on. They aren’t complete without a bottle of wine to share with everyone. We anticipate the pouring from one glass to another, making a toast for the gift of family and friendship, giving thanks for our good health and beautiful life – to be grateful for all the blessings that we received. Continue reading “5 Tips On Bringing The Perfect Bottle Of Wine To A Party”