Why I Love Wine (Mental Health Discussion)

Honestly, I get upset about people’s misconceptions when I say, “I love wine.” They often think of me as an alcoholic every time I mention taking a sip or considering pouring myself a glass of drink. I can’t emphasize the difference between an alcohol-enthusiast and a wine enthusiast because people are judgmental. They are close-minded when it comes to looking at wine drinking from a different angle. However, I completely understand where they are coming from. Since wine is considered addictive, I can’t blame people for associating my love for it with a mental health problem. But I would like to have this opportunity to explain myself, even if I think I do not entirely have to.

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What Can I say?

Again, I can’t stop people from categorizing everyone who loves wine as an alcoholic. However, my love for wine is different from what others believe it to be. It goes deeper than merely craving for an alcoholic drink. When I say I love wine, I am fascinated by everything about it, including the process before it even came out as a drink. I love the meticulous methods that are put into the procedure of creating a single bottle. There is so much consideration and thought that represents its overall development.

Of course, people know that wines are made from grapes. But that is not all of it. I love wine because of the process these fruits need to go through. The different methods and techniques required, the massive machinery that winemakers use, and the mechanism that gets applied, everything fascinates me. It makes me wonder how a simple technique changes everything about how I see grapes. I enjoy the brilliant idea of wine creation made from an excessive amount of botanical berries.

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I love wine because it is not just about the simplicity of growing a bunch of grapes in a wine vineyard. There is a well-thought process that sums up the complexity compared to the idea of putting all the grapes together and then crushing it. There are many factors that winemakers need to consider. That even includes the right combination of wind, sun, water, and soil. It also needs to consider the years before anyone can finally have a taste of it. The delicate berries require a lot of attention because one mistake can ruin the entire production. So you see, there are so much hard work and understanding that needs to be done here.

Would you believe that the experience I have every time I take a glass of wine varies? Well, as wine ages, its tastes improve. That is another reason to love it. We know that only a few things in this world do not lose its value with time. And wine is one of them. I love the idea that the more it stays in a bottle or barrel, the better it gets. With time, the wine becomes more detailed and complex. For me, that is the most beautiful part of its existence.

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Let Me Tell You This

When you thought you understand everything about the wine that you need to know, you are wrong. All wines have a distinctive taste and aroma in them that not all people managed to notice. Each of the bottles has a particular variety and characteristic that separates one from another. Not because you are used to knowing what wine is and getting to taste a little something of it does not mean you can identify the same grapes used to make a particular flavor. That is the whole misconception about it. Not all wine is strong enough to stick to your taste buds, and not all wine is perfect. But one thing is certain; all wines never fail to impress. Its diverse complexities are what make it more fascinating and incredibly beautiful.

I drink wine every day, not because I am addicted to it. Instead, I want to know more about it. Because even though I thought I entirely understand it, wine always surprises me. It is as if it is telling me that I do not know it well enough. With that, I get knocked off and then start everything from scratch again. I drink wine, not because I want to get intoxicated. Instead, I want to experience the tingling surprise it gives every time it tastes different. Indeed, I never felt disappointed drinking it because it goes better and better every day. Thus, I get more curious about it. That explains why I indulge myself in it. Because no matter what people say about my love for wine, I can only love it even more.

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Drinking wine always feels like the first time. For me, that is the best part. I only hope people would now understand the difference between alcohol-enthusiast and a wine enthusiast.

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