How To Help A Family Member Beat Wine Addiction

Wine addiction, like any other addiction, can entirely ruin a person’s life. For some, it usually starts in a harmless habit and soon spirals out of control. When not monitored, it goes to the extent that it becomes an individual’s sole purpose for existence. In some unfortunate instances, wine addiction gets often ignored due to some information that drinking wine moderately is clinically accepted. But although there is a truth to that, a lot of individuals experienced dependence over time, which becomes another unnoticed issue related to the drinking habit.


Why Do People Drink?

Aside from drinking occasionally, most people drink wine to manage stress. However, the thing they do not realize is that alcohol only aggravates the problem. Sometimes, it even fuels anxiety and depression. Generally, even though everyone knows that too much of everything creates adverse effects, a lot of people are still addicted to it that they can’t help but drink wine all the time. Some are even using unreasonable excuses only to justify their drinking habits. These include sleeping problems, cravings, anxiety and panic attacks, emotional dilemma, and a lot more. The good thing is, it is entirely possible to give up the wine drinking habit, especially if the person whole-heartedly wants to avoid the bottle. Let’s check out some of the options.

Doing A Complete Abstinence

It would be a lie when we say that complete abstinence is the better way to avoid wine addiction. Because the truth is, it is one of the most challenging things a person can do. It is a harsh method where an individual starts quitting the drinking habit abruptly. Sometimes, complete abstinence leads to physical discomforts, emotional confusion, and mental illness. It creates a withdrawal syndrome that somehow makes the person either craves for more and completely turns too hungry for it. The complications it may cause can lead to the requirement of medical assistance from the withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, though some managed to quit wine addiction from practicing complete abstinence, it is still not a great option in general.


Managing A Healthy Lifestyle

As people already know, a little wine is not that bad. In fact, there are a couple of benefits an individual can get from it. But considering it as a part of a daily necessity is somehow inappropriate. Eventually, it leads to too much consumption and dependence. Thus, it would be best that an individual should also manage to fix a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things to choose from. There’s exercise, meditation, journaling, and eating healthy foods. It will also help if an individual could get enough 8-hour sleep every day and keep himself or herself hydrated all the time.

Choosing The Right People

If a family member is trying to recover from wine addiction, he or she may face a lot of temptations everywhere. The truth is, almost 90% of individuals who are on the process of entirely quitting the habit often come back to wine dependency in a short period. Unfortunately, that is because of the environment the person has and the group of people he or she deals with every day. Thus, it is important to realize that an individual must surround himself or herself with the right individuals that will care for his or her well-being. These people should become an inspiration for his or her addiction recovery. It is important that family members understand that the road to recovery is a lot easier for an individual when there are real support and endearments.


Consulting A Professional

Unfortunately, an individual will find it hard to fight the battle alone. There are instances that his or her mind will get too preoccupied with a lot of things that somehow will make it impossible to focus on prioritizing the overall health. With that, it is essential that the person should seek professional help. It is vital to recognize that a person should understand the difficulties of the process of quitting wine addiction for him or her to become open for resolutions. Yes, the individual might need to undergo repetitive consultations and sessions with a licensed therapist or a counselor. For some, it can be a bit frustrating and emotionally exhausting. However, other family members should encourage and motivate their loved ones to seek medical assistance, primarily if it targets this specific behavioral condition.



There is nothing wrong with sipping a couple of glass of wine, especially if the primary purpose is for relaxation after a tiring and long day at work. Wine has a lot of health benefits, and some experts recommend it. But when wine drinking becomes a person’s highlight of the day, it is entirely a different story. Drowning one’s self with too much wine is the worst thing anyone can do. Therefore, it is essential that your family member should recognize the impact of the drinking habit to get the required help.

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