COVID-19: Wine And Something New

How many months has it been since the coronavirus has drastically changed our lives? Since then, we have been stuck at home and trying to adjust to the new normal.

Even if cities slowly try to open the new normal, the risk of infection is still present. Experts and the government, however, encourage people to remain at home. 

By now, you may have already established your daily routine. And because our outdoor activities are still minimal, your days might have become repetitive. To avoid boredom and feeling stuck, why don’t you try something new? 


Alex Lickerman M.D., shares, “I find the spirit to try new things synonymous with the spirit of self-improvement. […] The latter is a large part of the reason I’m here.”

Exploring something new is a change in your routine and may also help you deal with your emotions. Aside from drinking another bottle of wine to take your mind off things, you can use it to learn and feel excited because of new ideas.

Here are other things you can try to do with your wine (and wine bottles) to keep yourself busy during this pandemic:  

Cooking With Wine 


Wine is not just a perfect partner for your dinner. Adding wine to your dishes would make your meals even tastier. The alcohol in your wine releases the flavor molecules in food. The combinations of flavors of your ingredients, especially fat, would make your dishes a unique character. 

Do not worry; kids will still be able to share the delicious meals even if you add wine. The alcohol content of wine will evaporate upon exposure to heat. While cooking, you will notice that your sauce’s volume would reduce to half when this happens. As the alcohol burns away, the tastier your food gets. 

Here are some examples of dishes you can try and the perfect wine to enhance their flavor: 

  1. Pasta in Creamy Sauce: White Wine 
  2. Quick Chicken: White Wine 
  3. Sirloin Tips and Mushroom: Red Wine 


You cannot deny your love for wine. Your bottle collection speaks for itself. The stress from the pandemic might even have caused you to consume more wine than you usually would. Aside from recycling your wine bottles, why not try tapping into your creative juices to create something out of them? 


Designing and painting and turning your wine bottles into vases are typical crafts you can do. However, a new trick to upgrade your arts and crafts is learning to safely cut your wine bottle without the use of a glass cutter. 

All you need is a woven string, acetone, lighter, and cold water to safely cut your wine bottles. Here are the quick steps: 

  1. On your wine bottle, mark where you want to cut it. For this method, it would be easier to cut the glass in areas where the bottle changes are curvature. Wrap and tie the woven string in this area.
  2. Remove and submerge the string in acetone. 
  3. Re-attach the string to your bottle. 
  4. Ignite the string using your lighter. 
  5. Once the acetone has completely burned off, submerge the bottle into cold water. 

Follow these simple steps to cut your wine bottles. Using your creativity, you will be able to create more crafts at home. To get you started, here are some ideas you might want to try: 

  • Wine bottle fairy lamp 
  • Wind chimes
  • Wine bottle chandelier 


We do not know if and when we will go back to our pre-pandemic normal. While we wait for an effective vaccine, let us use the time we have to increase our knowledge. You may make mistakes in the beginning, but you could always try again.  

Fighting COVID-19 begins with staying at home. As we try to keep ourselves and others healthy, we gather the courage to discover new things.

Your love for wine does not have to stop with drinking it. Learn new recipes and think of more ways to use your wine bottles. Do not be afraid to try new things because it will keep you busy, but it will also make you happier during this pandemic. 

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