Is Red Wine Good For Your Health?


I know you, and the same as everybody else, believe that red wine is right for your health. But is it? The answer is yes and no. There are some truths to their benefits. However, it is also a fact that those benefits are limited only for a specific purpose. And yes, it is in a way harmful too if not in moderation because its chemical substances can sometimes create an incompatible state that affects the mind and body. I have met a lot of people who have needed counseling through BetterHelp and the likes to find themselves again. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons why red wine can be good for you.

Health Benefits

Let us focus on the health benefits of red wines first. Yes, the red wines are made out of grapes. Around the skin of the fruit is packed with a lot of antioxidants known as the resveratrol. It is the antioxidant responsible for promoting improved eye-sight, protection for the brain and heart, as well as a factor that fights cancer. It is also great for anti-aging purposes too. The wine content also aids in lowering down cholesterol in the body as well as regulating better blood pressure. The combination of compounds also allows better skin rejuvenation and stronger hair growth. It also improves liver stagnation as well due to its detoxification attributes.

Some people question if red wines are fattening. The answer is no if it gets consumed in small amounts. It also contains a phytonutrient called piceatannol which helps the body in burning down excess fats. That is the reason why some studies prove that long-term moderate drinking promotes weight loss.



Damaging Effects

When we see red wine benefits, it is typically in a glass for a couple of days a week. It is not about drinking it in excess contrary to what others believe. “The science is ever more clearly demonstrating that alcohol is extremely dangerous for women’s health.” As Sara Nash, PhD, LMHC  elaborates it. If excessive consumption is the case, it is where the whole thing becomes way damaging than anyone can imagine. That is because the other counterparts of the significant antioxidants in wine are alcohol and carbohydrates. Yes, though red wines help in better liver function, too much of its alcohol content burden it instead. It allows accumulation of toxins in the body which unfortunately increases fat storage. Therefore, it also improves cholesterol levels at a requisite amount of period.

When it comes to mental health benefits, red wine has a list for that. However, overconsumption leads to brain malfunction, which causes alcohol addiction. Yes, red wines are dangerous for your mental health too because it has the potential to trigger signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. As Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC states, “depression and anxiety are feelings that we would want to rid ourselves of, not turn into and certainly not welcome.”



“There is a fine line which makes distinguishing alcohol abuse from alcoholism.”  Dr. Howard Samuels, PsyD explains. So you see, the whole point of the benefits vs. the damages of red wines is typically dependent on its consumption. If it is in a moderate amount, then you can expect the significant health benefits that the wine contains. However, too much of it always results in harmful effects. So contrary to what others think, no, drinking too much wine will never guarantee of getting a lot of health impacts. So next time you want to consider chugging down a bottle of wine might as well pour a half glass instead.

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