Wine Facts


I will assume that you are reading this article because you are interested in understanding the facts about wines. Perhaps you also managed to question yourself why there are people who have this list of habits they often do with their drink. Let’s say some of it is consistent swirling of their wine glasses, slurping their wines, changing the types of their glass, and so on. Don’t worry. I can explain that for you.

The Shape Of The Glass Affects The Taste

Perhaps you already have your favorite type of glass. There is vintage, flute, burgundy, tulip, Bordeaux, and so on. And just like any other glass, you can choose from small, standard and large sizes of it. You know there are way too many choices for that.

Regarding its claim in affecting the taste of the wine, that is a fact. Yes, the shape of your favorite glass has a significant impact on changing the taste of your wine. But hear this out. It is not entirely the taste, but rather the smell. Each type of glass can enhance your drinking experience by concentrating the aroma of the wine. Example, the big wide wine glasses help in getting the scent due to its increased surface area. It allows better diffusion of aroma molecules in the air inside the glass. But for white wines, it is different. Usually, a smaller space is needed to release its aroma. That is the reason why you often see small and narrow open glasses for white wines.


Swirling The Glass Enhances The Flavors

Compared to any other type of alcoholic drink, the wine receives more swirling than most of them. It is true; the glass has something to do with that too. However, the habit of constant swirling of wine inside it targets the smell. That is because it allows an introduction of liquid to oxygen. What it’s doing is merely releasing the flavor compounds of the wine to the air. That explains why it changes over time because of its air exposure. But, perhaps you sometimes wonder if it is true that some vanilla, chocolate, or pepper flavor is entirely in the wine. Yes, there is a good chance that it gets included in the wine due to the same molecules they might be sharing. However, for some of the flavors that you may smell, it can be another thing. Those compounds can come from the yeast that fermented the wine, the used grapefruit, or the wood barrel where the wine aged in.



One of the biggest things to remember in drinking wine is considering your taste buds. Drink whatever types of wine you want. Price tags do not matter because your preferences will take all the judgment. It is not about how it smells as well, but it is how you like it. You can serve it cold or warm too. You can pair with any food you want because it shouldn’t limit you to what you believe food-wine pairing should be.

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