Transforming The Local Culinary Scene With The 2016 Las Vegas Wine Festival



Transforming The Local Culinary Scene With The 2016 Las Vegas Wine Festival

The 2016 Las Vegas Wine Festival is one of the most awaited culinary events in Las Vegas. This event is part of the Caribbean Food & Wine Festival, an annual celebration of the best food and wine in the region. Thousands of participants flock to Las Vegas’ “culinary event of the year” to get a taste of vintage, high-quality wines paired with passionately prepared food.

Wine Stars

This wine festival featured several critically acclaimed wine connoisseurs. The first in this lineup is Robin Lail, the great-grandson of the Napa Valley winemaking pioneer Gustav Niebaum. Having grown up in the vineyards of Inglenook, her expertise in wines is staggering.


Another wine expert who attended the festival is Ken Fredrickson, who has worked alongside world-class chefs such as Charlie Trotter. Fredrickson operates Tenzing, a firm that imports artisanal wine and fine spirits. He is also an affiliate of the International Court of Master Sommeliers.

Eric Wente, who is part of the fourth-generation of the Wente family renowned for their winemaking expertise, was also in attendance. He currently operates one of California’s oldest family-owned wineries.

Last but not least is Joy Spence, who holds the distinction as the first female to gain the title of Master Blender. She brings to the table her blending and wine chemistry skills.


Perfect Pairings

Guests can choose to attend several events within the festival, each centered on a specific theme or featuring a particular motif. Each event features complete meal courses, with each food item carefully selected to complement a particular wine. Such pairings bring out the best characteristics of both food and wine, ensuring a delectable culinary experience for every attendee.

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If you are interested in learning more about this festival, just call the organizing committee at (649) 946-5050 ext 1000 or send an email to They’ll be able to answer any queries you have.

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